Winter Wash Out

I know. A lot of photos lately. But, they make me happy.

Posted from Geneva


JuelleAnn said...

I'm enjoying your photos and any commentary you post. My plans include being in Munich Oct through December this year so I review your blog in order to gain insights. Thanks!


Lynda said...

So who are you? What are you doing here in Germany?

I love your photos - and your life sounds incredible (perhaps I am having a bad day....but it does)

What sort of job gives you the chance to travel like you do?

I know.. too many questions.


cheers LuLu (not a stalker..just a fellow expat in Germany.. like I said, having a bad day...but your blog brightened mine a little. I popped up on my google reader... now I am waffling on like a lunatic...oh lord... stream of consciousness.. not good :~) I think Mausi would vouch for me... amoung others... I am making it worse... I will stop now. LOL

Michelle said...

Hi JuelleAnn, Thanks for the comment - I always wonder who is reading this. Munich is a great city and hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Hi Lynda, Welcome also and thanks! If you go over to the right side of my blog you can see Jeweled Concrete Digest - those are the highlights of how I came to be and to stay in Germany. For work I am a consultant working on global projects - a blessing and a curse but mostly I love it or I would have quit long ago.

Expat Traveler said...

It makes me so happy too! Even if I don't comment but just sit back, soak it all in.. I love them!!!!

And it's Geneva... Ahhhh...


Keep coming with the photos! It helps me to do it too.