And Now for A Change Of Scenery

It has been snowing the most beautiful, fluffy, snow-globe-like snow for the last few days in Germany. Stunning!

Posted from Munich


Anonymous said...

that is lovely! we had a very pretty snow friday/saturday as well. we've had more snow this winter than any other year i've been in DC.

My open roads said...

wow, it is beautiful with snow :) I miss snowy days, we really had no snow on the ground this winter - and to think that in a short few days all these people will be coming here for winter olympics, it's a bit sad... they have fake snow though, so events will go as planned... ;)
Loving all the photos you're posting!

Expat Traveler said...

That is beautiful!!! I just the buildings..

And yes in Victoria we only had 1 evening of the snow. And as Ola mentioned it is a bit sad that the world is coming to spring like conditions for the Winter Olympics.. I guess Europe has taken our snow!!! ;-)

Michelle said...

Thanks Ladies!

Aimee, Hope the weather stays calm for you the next couple of weeks. I know the snow is not too welcome right now.

And what a pity about the lack of snow in Canada with the Olympics and all. Maybe there will be a last minute miracle?