Return to Munich

In an effort to be pragmatic, save some money and keep things simple I had decided to make my home base in Köln while I am splitting time between there and the US for work. Before that it was Zürich, for the same reasons. Although I loved Zürich and am comfortable enough in Köln, there is inherently a problem with the arrangement. When the project ends, as planned or unexpectedly, I have to move along.

I got very attached to Zürich. I still smile whenever I look at the pictures of the view from my balcony over the lake with the mountains in the background. When work there ended abruptly it added to an already stressful time. I had to leave a city I came to think of as home behind and figure out where to go next. After hauling my stuff all over Germany and Switzerland in the last 4 months (Basel, Munich, Zurich and Cologne) plus flying back and forth to various cities in the US, it's no wonder I have been feeling flat and disconnected.

I don't have the heart to invest anything into Köln after what happened with Zürich. While I normally pride myself on following my wanderlust and my gypsy spirit I can only come to the conclusion that I have reached my capacity for flexibility. I am ready for something more reliable.

After giving it quite some thought in the last weeks, I have decided to go back to Munich. It is still my official home base for my job so regardless of projects that come and go I have a tie there. I probably would have decided even sooner but was still considering the option of Zürich.

When I return to Germany from this trip to the US, I will spend a long weekend in Munich. I plan to visit some friends, get something done about my hair, apply for my permanent residency and do some apartment shopping. I am not under time pressure so the timeline of the move will depend more on when I find The Apartment but at the latest I am aiming for June 1.

It may not be pragmatic, simple or cheap, but there is a cost to not having a place to call home and for me it has gotten too high. So back to Munich I go. It feels right.

Posted from Cherry Hill, NJ


J said...

This post doesn't surprise me. You always have been quite fond of Munich. Actually, I was surprised you moved to Cologne.

Perm residency? Unless the laws have changed, it takes five years.

Anonymous said...

5years or 5 months it is still home. Good for you Michelle!

Work it girl!

Pilgrim shoes

Expat Traveler said...

I think the part about being grounded is what I was longing for the most. It got me unhappy and longing for stability. I'm happy you've made a decision and I'd be more than happy to have Munich as my home.

I do hope you feel better and just think, the weather will be changing and there will be so many festivals and fun in Munich to come (at least when you are there)...

aimee said...

yay! this is a great decision. it's important to have your grounding somewhere while you follow your gypsy spirit. :-)

Jul said...

Good choice! Best of luck with the apartment hunt.