All Roads Lead To Rome

I am on the verge of giving myself a good shake. It's time to snap out of this funk I've been in. Sure, the last 6 months have been far from stable and satisfying. I have spent a lot of time dwelling on both the past and my strange present.

Some shapes are starting to emerge from the fog. I wish I could have seen what I see now a year ago but it's time to take the lessons forward and let the rest fall away. More on these lessons in due time. For now, some bright spots that are making me smile...

Patches of Sun
***Country Music Singalongs***
***Old Friends***
***A New Friend***
***Mexican Avocados***
***Words of Encouragement***
***Another Apartment Search***
***A Special Thanks***
***My Family***
***Randy Cat***
***My Camera***
***A Decision Made***

And what about Rome? My company leadership nominated me to participate in a symposium for developing the next generation of women leaders. It will take place in Rome and I am pretty excited about it!

Posted from Cherry Hill, NJ


Expat Traveler said...

congrats michelle! Sounds like a very cool thing to do.

My open roads said...

Rome??? Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news about the Rome symposium, what a nice honor for you!

Randycat (and his bratty sisters say hi too:p

Anonymous said...

Present is where its at my friend... Press on Michelle!

Zuni Doll


Michelle said...

Awww thanks Randycat :)
(and everyone else too!)