The Easter Bunny

It is too quiet here.

This evening started the four day Easter holiday weekend in Munich. Many friends are out of town, taking advantage of the time off with a little getaway. Mr. Kilt left last night for Edinburgh for his brother's bachelor party weekend.

So here I am, relaxing at home with a cup of hot chocolate and the DVD player fired up to watch a couple episodes of Mad Men.

The weather has been a bit odd. It seemed we were surely into spring over the last couple of weeks but today as I sat in the backseat of a taxi on my way to meet a client this afternoon, snowflakes started slowly drifting downwards and then the pace quickly picked up. Soon it was snowing hard and I wondered if it was actually Christmas or Easter.

I had a late lunch with a colleague at a hole in the wall Italian restaurant. The colleauge is the account manager for the client we visited today and we decided to knock off work after the visit and spent a few hours chatting and discussing strategy, triviality and life. Only in Europe...

Once I got home I remembered the stores are closed all day Friday, Sunday and Monday so if I wanted any food for the weekend I had better hustle before the stores were closed tonight or face a fierce and angry mob in the stores on Saturday. The grocery store was the typical pre-holiday mob scene anyway. Remember, stores are smaller than most American homes and when all of Munich is trying to pack in and get what they need to survive for 4 days, it is only a matter of time before the store is decimated. One poor guy was trying to restock but was causing such a traffic jam in the tiny aisles that he was nearly getting trampled and no one could get to the milk. I mean, we need to get milk! It's right up there with eggs and bread for all pre-crisis shopping mobs' must haves. Carts, people and squashed produce littered the floors and I was run over at least twice. At one point a girl asked me in English if I could help her get a basket and I gave her a blank German stare because I was not expecting to hear English. Oh man, I am becoming one of them! I am always too ambitious and load up the cart with way too much only to realize I need to lug it all home, even if home is only a few blocks away. Nevermind that we only have dorm sized fridges with a freezer that can only hold one small pizza box. I knew as I was walking home it would be my last time out of the house tonight.

Chilled and tired, I built a fire, put on some nice music and giggled at the artifacts Mr. Kilt has left all over the place. Seriously, that man has spoiled me rotten. A half dozen red roses were still blooming on my table from an airport pickup last Friday. Post-it notes appear in random places that I only find sometimes days after he has hidden them but they are always guaranteed to put a smile on my face. An Easter basket of bath and spa goodies, chocolate, and a few goofy How I Met Your Mother (our Sunday evening ritual) gifts sat in the living room. And for Saturday, he booked me a massage at my favorite spa in town. Spoiled. Rotten. And never letting him go.

I hold my own and love thinking up ways to surprise him back.

All of that is nice, but I miss just having him here to talk to and hang out with. Life is brighter when he's around.

Some exciting news - we are heading to Scotland the first week of May. Vacation was approved this week and the flights are booked. I'm not too sure what exactly we are doing other than attending one of his friend's wedding in Edinburgh, visiting the Isle of Skye and St. Andrews, tasting some whisky and visiting a castle or two. I guess that is already enough!

So onto my lazy, quiet weekend. Cheers!

Posted from Munich


Mandi said...

Oooh, a trip to Scotland sounds fun! We spent Easter weekend with friends in the St. Andrews area last year and it was absolutely gorgeous. And probably even better when you have your own Mr. Kilt. ;) Anyway, enjoy the quiet weekend to yourself!

Expat Traveler said...

Vacation.. It's been 1 year since my 7 day vacation... I'm ready to explode, scream and I don't know..

It will be lazy times here but I'm sure stores will be open and we won't have crazy lines like you had to experience... Ah life with a big fridge! I'd honestly give it up to live in Europe though!

Expat Traveler said...

P.s. Hope you enjoy your weekend, sounds like you'll have lots of time to catch up and relax!!!

Anonymous said...

i am SO happy for you, michelle, so, so happy. you deserve all that and more.

we loved our vacation to scotland - have a great time!