Springtime in Munich

I don't know where the time has gone but this past weekend marked one year since my return to Munich to start my post M life. It also marked the first spring-like weather for 2010. The temperature has risen into the teens, the snow is nearly all gone, the sky alternated between beautiful Bavarian blue and cloudy with sprinkles. The first naked German was spotted. Ah yes, spring has sprung.

I had fun with my visiting friend and expect I will make a trip up to Brussels to see her, her husband and their kids sometime this summer, probably with Mr. Kilt in tow as they also hit it off. My friend and I had quite a lot of discussion over the weekend about kids, family, working as a mother (or not). I have known this friend since we worked together in the US in 2002. When we met she was married to her former husband, just starting her career and neither of us would have expected that life would have carried us over to Europe. I liked seeing how her life has evolved over the time we have known each other and seeing her content in her life with her Belgian husband, her two children and two step-children. She has a great sense of humor and we got more than our share of German stares as the two of us we chatting and laughing like fools as we wandered around Munich. Friends are good for the soul.

Yesterday, we had our 2010 inaugural visit to the beer garden. Mr. Kilt, my friend and I took a paddle boat around the lake in the English Garden and then headed over to the Chinese tower where they tried a half-mass of starkbier (Lenten season strong beer) and for me a Radler. I love beer garden season and it will be even better than usual this summer with showings of the World Cup games.

Sadly I did not take my bike out as planned yesterday since it was raining quite a bit prior to the meetup time. I am not too worried though, there are plenty of opportunities to come.

All in all, it was a nice, stress-free weekend in Munich and now I am getting ready to fly to London tomorrow for a few days of training.

Happy Monday.
Posted from Munich


Expat Traveler said...

Yeah for Spring.. Love the time and know so well what it is like to be in Munich in Spring. I love it, and the area!!!

As for London, I hope it's fun even with training!

Anonymous said...

so glad you had a good visit - friends really are good for the soul.

spring always makes me feel like i can do anything i want - pretty great to be "awakened" each year!