At Least It's Not Boring

I think I read somewhere once that the body perceives good and bad stress much the same way. To be honest, after all the internal and external pressure I have had over the last years, I don't get too wound up about a lot of things anymore.

This week though, I have had sweaty palms, restless nights and a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. Yet all of it seems to be from the good kind of stress so I think maybe it is true about how the body responds to all stress.

There is a lot of newness in my life right now.

I started my new 'project' in Munich last week. However, this is completely different than anything I have done before. I have moved from delivery focused project management to sales and account management. I am fascinated by the entrepreneurial aspects of what I am doing and feel enthusiastic about the opportunity. At the same time, I am largely on my own, in uncharted territory and not only do I have to figure out what is I should be trying to achieve but also how. Part of the time I feel like I am fumbling around in the dark or running in circles and I am relying almost all on intuition now. I have to take a step back each morning and evening, pull out my compass and check if I seem to have headed in the right direction or I need to backtrack and try something new. When I see any progress, however big or small, it is thrilling because I can see the direct result of my effort and creativity. But I also feel a lot of accountability if something goes wrong. Sum of it all though is that I love trying this oh so very new thing.

Someone shared a favorite quote of hers with me a few weeks ago and it seems very appropriate right now.

'Leap and your net will appear.' Good stress.

On the relationship front, I am also in new territory. Sure I have had plenty of relationships before. But this one seems different. The more I get to know Mr. Kilt, the more I like, respect and trust him. I never have to say 'but' about him. You know what I mean.

He's great, but...
I think he likes me, but...
We have a lot in common, but...

There is no but. I just enjoy him, his attitude, how he treats me, doing nice things for him, and making plans for the future with him.

It's good and it's exciting. A girl gets butterflies from something like that.

We have a week in Scotland booked for the first week in May and now are planning 16 days in the US around Labor Day. I'm going to show him around a bit and introduce him to the friends and family. Good stress!

All of that would probably be fine but then I really went and did it yesterday. I thought she was joking. However, the woman who designed my dirndls is doing her annual fashion show of her 2010 collection and has asked me to walk in it. And I agreed. I have NEVER done anything like that! So in just over a week I will spend 8 hours getting primped, trained on runway walking and squeezed into one or more dirndls to strut my stuff in front of 500 people. I keep thinking of the SATC episode with the runway catastrophe and am hoping I can stay on my feet.

Now I really am stressed.

Posted from Munich


G in Berlin said...

Yeah! Things sound wonderful. Good for you and enjoy every minute of it.

aimee said...

don't let them put you in the bikini dirndl! ;-)

so excited for you on all fronts!

ps - i kind of miss getting butterflies before dates, etc.

Expat Traveler said...

Change is good as we as people don't really feel comfort in changes... I'll be going through some changes soon as well with a new job finally!

AS far the dirndl, I hope there are some pics.. hehe... Good luck!!!

CanadianSwiss said...

So happy to read that things are really falling into place for you. :) And I love the quote!

I'm sure you'll do just fine on the catwalk :)