Munich to Freising

I took another bike tour yesterday and I think we successfully managed to outdo ourselves yet again in adventures and fun.

We rode from Munich to Garching then on to Freising all along the Isar River bike path and a good 70+ km roundtrip.

Rain was in the forecast but we did not let that deter us from embarking on our serendipitous journey. In the Northern part of the English Garden we joined our two meeting point groups up and, after introductions for the new people, set off in a pack of about 20. We look like one fierce bike gang! Or something like that.

The weather looked hesitant but in time cleared up and became absolutely stunning. Crystal blue skies and sunshine everywhere.

Along the way we hit a few bumps in the road, so to speak. Three flat tires, one nasty wipe out, a couple of tired, whiney people but the best was saved for last. We left our last beer garden around 6 PM and the clouds started to accumulate and threaten rain. We stopped anyway for an ice cream then hit the Isar path hard for the long trip home. With more than 2 hours back to the city, the storm crashed and no rain gear could protect from the deluge.

For 20 minutes it was good fun, then it was wet and cold. It looked like it would let up but it stayed with us the whole way home. When we got back to the English garden with pruned hands, feet, drenched clothes and hair we split off. My friend A. and I were the only two heading over to Neuhausen so we went our own way and couldn't resist stopping in McDonalds for a coffee to warm up. The looks on the other customers' faces were priceless. We looked like two drowned rats squeaking and squishing up to the counter.

After a brief warm up we continued for the next 45 minutes to our houses, attracting smirks and stares for our wet, disheveled appearance. For our part we were shivering and praying for a hot shower and hot cup of tea.

All in all, another fabulous day, even with the soak!

Posted from Munich


G in Berlin said...

Wow, the scenery is so great it is a real draw to Bavaria.

Jul said...

That thunderstorm was pretty intense! Glad I was at home for it. :)

Expat Traveler said...

Now that sounds so incredible! I need to find a great group here that is willing to do that too.. :)

ian in hamburg said...

That Maß looks like it's sprouting arms!

aimee said...

just when i think it couldn't, your photography gets better and better. love the photos with the clouds.

just read that your adopted hometown of munich rated #7 of best places to live in the world.