Back in the Netherlands

I flew to Amsterdam this morning to spend a few days with my client in the area. I checked into the hotel and being particularly attuned to bicycles these days I noticed about 40 Dutch bikes parked outside the hotel.

After check in and a quick glance at the hotel information in the room I found out you can rent the bikes for a few Euros. I decided to brave the break in the rainy weather, rent a bike and ride the 10 kilometers or so into the nearest town, Amersfoort.

The sun poked out and I took a nice tour around the city. The city has been around since the middle ages and I wanted to see the Muurhuizen (wall houses). I was kicking myself for forgetting the battery to my small camera in Munich as the lighting and setting were perfect for a shoot.

I stopped in one of the squares for dinner and grabbed a table outside. The menu was only available in Dutch so I had to guess what things were. I found that if I read the words phonetically many were somewhat close to German food words so I hoped for the best and ordered what I thought might be a steak with mushrooms.

Not only was I right, but it was the best steak I ever had in Europe. Yeah, I know that's not saying much, but it was excellent.

I rode back to the hotel, returned the bike and am starting to think I want one more Dutch bike, but this time an old one! One of my cycle tour mates is into fixing them up and has offered to help if I go for it.

Posted from Amersfoort


aimee said...

what a lovely afternoon! i'm so impressed by how you really take advantage of the opportunities you have.

cliff1976 said...

I found that if I read the words phonetically many were somewhat close to German food words

This is how Sarah and I pass the time away at Schiphol when we transfer through there (no occasion to actually VISIT the Netherlands yet). I guess it doesn't get much dorkier than cognate-hunting.

Expat Traveler said...

how much fun!!!! I'd love to be traveling for work like that..

Randy said...

I always have to guess what my food is, too. Can't remember the last time I had something recognizable. Steak sounds great, but chicken is better - especially if you could dispense with the bike ride and get right down to the eating. Have you forgotten all I've taught you?

Anonymous said...

How are the coffeeshops?