Italy, You Never Disappoint

The pace of life has picked up considerably in the last two weeks. The project demands have reached full pitch and I am not willing to abandon my hobbies and personal life, so the only thing left to squeeze is my good night's sleep.

After work trips to Geneva and the Netherlands last week, I headed off to Italy to catch up with some friends from the US who are over on a two week holiday. I flew to Rome on Thursday and spent two days there with one of my best friends plus 3 couples and their combined 5 children aged 7 months to 3 years. On Saturday afternoon we road tripped up to Tuscany where they had rented a gorgeous villa near the town of Poppi for the week. I could only spend one night there as I had to fly back late on Sunday to Geneva from Florence.

It is really hard not to enjoy Italy. I know Rome somewhat from a previous visit so I made sure my friend saw enough of the impressive sites, we had a hilarious club hopping night out and indulged in what must be some of the most perfect wine and cuisine in the world.

I was nervous a bit as I had to drive us from Rome (car pick up at the train station) to Tuscany and then along on Sunday from Tuscany to Florence to get my flight. All I can say is that Italians are up there with the world's worst drivers. Once I got used to the two cardinal rules of Italian driving (1. Lanes and roads are just a friendly suggestion & 2. Whoever's car is slightly in front has the right of way) I was just fine.

It was sad leaving on Sunday from the paradise of the Tuscan villa, where we were hosted by the adorable Francesca. She brought us eco friendly wine from her vineyards (5 gallon jug and it was lovely), fresh baked bread, veggies from her garden and help whereever we needed it. The view and the pool were equally enticing and I even managed to go for an early morning job up and down the Tuscan hills on Sunday morning. I loved how everyone waved and yelled Buon Giorno as I trotted by.

I can never get enough of the world's most perfect espresso and cappuccinos either. Seriously, how do they do it?

Ahh, Italy!

Posted from Munich


aimee said...


so beautiful

Expat Traveler said...

wow - those photos are so beautiful. It reminds me of a slight look of the terrain of California but add the most beautiful sights and buildings of the world... How cool is that! See that is why Europe has it's advantages.. You could have never done that short trip if you lived in the states!

cliff1976 said...

It is really hard not to enjoy Italy.

I hate to sound contrary, but...we always have had a hard time enjoying Italy (save one trip to Bozen, which was easy to enjoy...but then again, does that really count?).

We're not giving up though — got another trip to Bozen (to ease us into it) and then Bologna in the works.

My open roads said...

that cup of coffee looks so very delicious and inviting! :)

Expat Traveler said...

p.s. I might have to go to the italian shop down the street just to make sure I try and get my fix of creamy coffee.

Michelle said...

Hi Cliff, I heard Bologna is the best city to visit in Italy. A friend of mine lived there a couple years and swears by it. But maybe I should have called the post, Italy, You Never Disappoint ME! ;-)

The Big Finn said...

I'm going to go have an espresso RIGHT NOW!