My New Bike

I bought a bike this weekend! I've ridden it every day since but today was the full day ride/beer garden workout. She's perfect.

Posted from Munich


ian in hamburg said...

Enjoy your new bike, Michelle! Just make sure you store it overnight in your flat, or in your basement behind a locked door and chained up to something... and never leave it during the day without being chained up to an immovable object. We've had two bikes stolen over the past year. I recommend an Abus lock, level 15.

SwissTwist said...

hehehe.. going from an Audi TT to a bicycle, not sure I could make the transition as easy as you have!
Enjoy the bike and the lovely Spring weather :-)

Oh.. cute puppy too!! yours?

Yelli said...

Lock it up!!!!! :)

I love the fact that all German roads and mountains seem to have a biergraten!

Expat Traveler said...

Oh how beautiful!! I love it along with all of your photos. Keep up the photos!

Michelle said...

Ian - thanks, it is excellent advice and I hope I don't have any problems.

ST - the funny thing is that I planned to drive that car all weekend but I seem to be more enamored of my bike! Quite shocking!

Yelli - you know it! There are more beer gardens than gas stations I think. Comes in handy when you don't feel like planning too far ahead. And also, I am amazed how each has its own character and look.

ET - thanks as always for the kind words. I have fallen more and more in love with photography. It's a nice compliment coming from you too :)

vailian said...

YESSS! Gazelle! Guard it with your life!

Laura said...

cute bike! I love the combo of biking and biergartens... burn a few calories, then spend them!