Weather Investigation

I needed to check if it was just my imagination, this whole 'The Weather Is Better in Munich' hypothesis. I can't help it, it's the doctor in me.

So here it is:

Source: BBC Weather Guide

So a monthly average of the number of hours of sunlight per day in some sample cities:
Boston: 7.5 hours/day
Cologne: 4 hours/day
Los Angeles: 9 hours/day
Munich: 5 hours/day

Wet days for same cities (days with >.25 mm rain):
Boston: 125 days/year
Cologne: 182 days/year
Los Angeles: 37 days/year
Munich: 180 days/year

So there you have it. Scientific.

Posted from Köln


Expat Traveler said...

You forgot to post BC! Ok - now you have me wanting to do that too. I want to see the differences between North Vancouver and Victoria, I'm sure it's a big difference!

Very cool to see the stats though!

And I do know what you mean as changing cities did me so good.

Andrea said...

So what you're saying is they're both equally rubbish ;)