Top 10 Reasons...

I can't wait to get back to Munich!

Seriously, Cologne is a nice enough place but it's not for me.

The transition back to Munich may be difficult at first - there are a lot of memories there and, while I have a handful of friends in Munich, nearly all my short weekends there were spent with M. and around the house. In some ways, I think it will be like a new city to me but I am really looking forward to it! Here are a few of the reasons.

10. The Weather
I never understood J's weather complaints about Germany. I figured maybe he was just more sensitive to the seasons or something because I didn't think the weather could be so different in another part of Germany. However, now I get it. Cologne is dark, dreary and rainy all the time. Munich weather has 4 gorgeous seasons and there is significantly more sun there in all 4 of them.

9. Hopfisterei
The best bread in Germany, a country with some of the best bread in the world. Nuff said.

8. Beer Gardens
Magical summer nights lit up with the white glow of lanterns and easy breezy conversation after a few maß. Or a spring business lunch with a few maß. Or a post Oktoberfest hair of the dog few maß.

7. Dirndls
I am addicted. I have two. I want another one. And maybe this year I will really do the dirndl fashion show if I get invited to participate again. Third time's the charm.

6. My Own Kitchen
Folks, I am dying. Dull knives. Two pots. Instant coffee. In my heart and in my imagination I am a gourmet chef. Cooking is the adult version of how I used to feel when I was playing as a kid.

5. The Cloud
I am not sure I can pull this one off in Munich. Before I moved to Germany I had a bed. I called it the Cloud. White, fluffy, downy and pillows and feathers everywhere. They don't make the same beds in Europe as in the US but if I can find it, I will at least have a place to put it.

4. The Mountains
Hiking and skiing, the view and of course, the silly brown and white cows. I miss them all.

3. Viktualienmarkt
It may be over-priced but who can beat a fresh squeezed juice, Schlemmermeyer deli and the Italian goodies stand? Let's not forget the giant (stinky) pickles either.

2. Decorating
A place with my own things, in my own style. It will quickly get overwhelming I know but still I am excited.

1. Making Friends
I hope I can do better at this this time around. If Zurich was any hint I think I can. At least if I do make more friends, I don't have to worry about the project ending and moving on again.

Posted from Köln


Expat Traveler said...

I think those are all great reasons. I still have all of my stuff in storage and am living like you. I hate it, but hopefully things will change quickly for the both of us!

Berlinbound said...

You've been in my town? I must concur that the weather can be terrible here - but the people are friendly.

Silvia said...
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Silvia said...

Great reasons :-) Waiting for you here in Munich!

Michelle said...

Hey ET - hope so! There is only so long anyone can live like this.

BB - Yes Been here on and off since December. Was planning to spend the year here but with the economy all over the place its hard to say how much more time I will have here.

Hi Silvia, Welcome! Looks like you've been moving around a bit too!

aimee said...

great list! so many things to look forward to...

J said...

Hey Cologne has beer gardens (and from time to time you don't need an umbrella to sit in one).

I have heard that the south is sunnier than here, but at least now you know why I call it The Land of Crappy Weather.

Carol said...

You make me homesick for Munchen... and I've only VISITED there!