The Good News and The Bad News

So it's official and I am finished in Cologne.

That is the bad news. Having steady work right now during these economic times is a good thing so while this situation wasn't my dream circumstance to begin with, it's not a time to be too picky and I'm a little disappointed that we are closing up shop. Now it's time for another round of spin the wheel of fortune and see what (and where) happens next.

The good news though is that this solves the problem of needing some time in Munich to do a proper apartment search and move in. I booked a one way ticket to Munich for Saturday and will spend next week there taking care of business!

And just to soothe my nerves I had a couple hours with my boss yesterday to get an update on the bigger picture of what's ahead and, for now, the outlook is still good.

Müncheners in the mood for lunch, dinner, coffee or a walk in the sunny Munich weather in the next days, feel free to reach out!

Posted from Köln


Expat Traveler said...

I wish you luck in Munich apartment searching. :) Enjoy yourself.

Michelle said...

Thanks ET - I am excited!

J said...

Good luck. I know you'll be happier there than here.

If you happen to be in Cologne on 5 April, how about the opening season game of the Cologne Cardinals? I'll be up there anyway because they're playing my team - the Bonn Capitals.

Silvia said...

Good luck for your apartment serch! And if you want to take a break and meet for a coffe, drop me an email! :-)