My Pad

I decided to not be so high maintenance and waste so much time being picky and went for my favorite of the 3 apartments I saw yesterday.

I am now the newest resident of the Agnesviertel!

Ok, I am still a little bit high maintenance. In another week an apartment is opening up in the same building where I took the apartment but a few floors higher. I will look at it on Monday and if I like it I can switch after next week.

Now I need to start dragging all my remaining stuff from Munich and Zurich to Köln.

Posted from Frankfurt


Expat Traveler said...

I'm thinking I love higher... until all of the stairs get to me!

Congrats on your decision! By the way, I got that job!

My open roads said...

that's good that you've at least got someting so your mind can settle a little, but it's nice that you can still check out the new one coming upstairs and move up there if you like it, good deal :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats :-) I'm happy for you...

I hope the Steel-city won't be in the superbowl when you're there - that could be miserable for any New Englander...Go Ravens!

aimee said...

congrats!!! welcome home.