Apartment Hunting

I forgot what a joy it is!

I am such a dork - I try to quantify the apartments by certain important criteria (size, location, sq meters, brightness, balcony, dishwasher, rent, etc.). There is never a perfect match to what I want so I end up in some kind of apartment stalemate, not quite happy with any option.

This morning I went and looked at 3 furnished apartments in Köln. I didn't love any of them. I guess I have been really spoiled with my apartments in Munich, Basel and Zurich in the last few years. Or maybe I am just really picky.

It would probably be easier if I was looking for something unfurnished to find one I liked but I don't want to deal with that when I may be moving again in a few months.

Now I have to decide, take one I am a little less than happy with but at least guarantee I can move in next week or stall a bit and do more searching next week. Hmmmm...

Posted from Köln


Expat Traveler said...

Oh I think you should go with it. I guess it depends on how many apartments are for rent. Here, there aren't any vacancies around, so you must choose on the spot. I've had to settle until I find a job!

Good luck with whatever you decide. And I'd say in Switzerland you do get spoiled!

heather said...

Having searched for a flat in Cologne, I imagine that in general the available options wouldn't be as nice as Munich, Basel or Zurich.

Although sometimes you can luck out, especially with a furnished sublet. Have you checked btw: http://www.e-rent.de/ I found the Cologne market tends to be very fluid, so if you stall a week something new may appear (fingers crossed).

vailian said...

The market here in Cologne for furnished places is not that big, but you can get lucky! When I first moved here, I found a terrific place in the Rodenkirchen district--quiet, well furnished and a landlord who would do anything we wanted (he even put in a new window in the roof at my suggestion!). I am sure I would be there still except that we found ourselves with 2 children and their bedroom was an Ikea shelf in the hall, which they were rapidly outgrowing.
I live in the Südstadt now, and love it-- very friendly and well-connected.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the support and tips...I decided to go for one of the apartments I saw yesterday.

Welcome, Heather. :)