German Inbound


I got an email yesterday from someone in my company who was referred to me by a former colleague. She is an American living in Milwaukee and she wanted to talk to someone about how to move within our company to Munich.

We set up some time to talk today and she explained to me her situation. She has met and fallen for a German from Munich. They have been dating awhile and she wants to come give life a try over here.

Sound familiar?

I gave her all the advice I had on how to work her way across the Pond and also shared some of my experience on the personal and professional side as someone who had been in her shoes three years ago. Even though things didn't turn out the way I thought, I could honestly tell her that I don't regret what I went through and that I still love being here.

I remember when I was making these phone calls myself, everday riding the highs and lows as things started to move, then stopped, then moved again and then that final moment when that breakthrough finally came and I got the call to come to Switzerland. As a matter of fact, I had to take the final decision exactly 3 years ago today.

I am wishing her all the best and hoping things break their way. It'll make my heart happy if it works out.

Posted from Zürich


Expat Traveler said...

I think it's so wonderful you are helping out. :) 3 years already, time flies!

O. said...

Ah, lots of changes in your life! Crossing fingers for you that the near and more distant future turns out very enjoyable and prosperous for you! Everyone deserves to have a place they can go and hide away from the world, you'll find it again soon, I'm sure of it :)

Mandi said...

New York, Hamburg, a research fellowship. The details are different, but it sure sounds familiar. And however we all end up here, as long as we give it our all, in the end it will turn out alright.

aimee said...

an ex (almost fiance) moved to dallas for me and then i broke up with him. he was a great guy, just wasn't right for the two of us. two months later he met his now wife. things have a way of working out in very mysterious ways.

Michelle said...

ET - the time really flies!

O - thanks for the well wishes and congrats on your news as well!

Mandi - so true!

Aimee - it always amazes me the coincidences and the twists and turns that make us who we are and take us where we are