Poppies from Provence, May 2008

Another vacation is over and it's hard to summarize the trip in a post. We had a good time, good company, we hit a few bumps in the road, we ate too much, we saw even more and it all went by too fast. That is, for sure, the abridged version of the vacation.

M. and I alone took over 500 photos and need to give new consideration to disk storage space at this rate. In January I bought a new camera. I haven't posted about it so far because all I have managed with it is to show how much I don't know about photography. I thought since I could make my Canon Elph do whatever I wanted, all I needed was a great camera to make some professional looking photos. Not true.

The camera I got is the discontinued Canon EOS 30D, with a startup 17-85mm lens. I will post a few shots from vacation and maybe a few stories depending on how busy things get before heading to Singapore this weekend.

Entrance to St.Remy-de-Provence Rental House, May 2008

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aimee said...

i think those are professional looking photographs! glad to hear the trip went well.

American in Norway said...

Beautiful photos! Wish I were there!