The Adventure Begins

In a few hours I leave for the airport and start the first leg of the long journey from Basel to Paris. My parents should be on their way over the Atlantic anytime now and are meeting me there. M. will be flying in from Munich also and if all goes well we will be on the road around 9 AM tomorrow, heading to Provence.

In the meantime, M.'s parents, sister and niece will be driving from Basel to Provence to meet us there. Vegas odds of all of this working out smoothly are at 1 in 20.

My French colleague has deluged us with maps, advice and is probably more excited about this trip than any of us. All joking aside, I am really looking forward to it from many respects - time off from work, time with M. and our families, and seeing France finally.

I want to do as much photography as everyone can stand and maybe even capture one or two shots that are frameworthy for our bare walled apartment.

After a 6 days in Provence, we head back up to Paris for a few days there to cram in the touristy stuff. I hear most people either love or hate Paris so I am curious which side of the divide I will end up on.

No posting for at least a week. Au revoir!

Posted from Basel


The Big Finn said...

I predict that you'll love Paris!

aimee said...

you'll love paris. i often wish we lived there - beautiful, beautiful city. how exciting to get the two fams together as well. look forward to seeing the pictures and hope all goes well. safe travels.

ian in hamburg said...


Just got back from a week in Paris. You will love it if you take the time to explore what the tourists don't.

For example, head to the Indian quarter between the Gare de L'Est and Gare du Nord - rue Cail and environs - or go down way south to Chinatown.


Expat Traveler said...

I loved Paris. But maybe it was who I was with and how much fun I had.. Positive people have positive impacts.. There's always so much to see in paris and Provence.. Oh boy!

Hope you have a wonderful trip!

O. said...

Have a wonderful trip! And don't forget to post pictures!