Tool Time

After two (long) years of discussion, M. and I bit the bullet and went on a 4 day home improvement marathon last week. It took some orchestrating but we got 3 days off of work last week, hired some general contractors and added our own blood sweat and tears to the mix and voila! We have a new and improved apartment.

We put in new kitchen cabinets, had the dining room light wired and hung, had the whole house painted (with colors!) and cleaned up the enormous mess that this work all caused. We were quite pleased with the work by the contractors - they were scheduled to be here Wed-Fri and finished off a little late on Saturday afternoon as a results of some, er, surprises.

Exhausted, we barely had time to enjoy the results of Phase I before it was time to head back to Basel but I really love how it came out. Now we wait for Phase II - the arrival of two pieces of furniture (an entertainment center and a USM cabinet for the living room) that will complete our furniture set up. After that it will just be some finishing touches (some pictures on the wall, new duvet covers, curtains, etc.) to complete Phase III and go back to just living. Just in time for garden and BBQ season...

Some pics:

Two-Toned Living Room (really needs that entertainment center!)

New Kitchen Cabinets from Ikea (Ikea is a 4 letter word in our house)

Our new dining table lamp

Mint green bedroom

And a little touch of spring - our garden is ready for winter to be over:

Posted from Basel


Anonymous said...

man, LOVE every thing about the apartment. even with the plasma on the ground and all. seriously... nice work! :)

aimee said...

your place looks great! especially love the dining area lighting fixture. well done!

Anonymous said...

Simplicity is a way of life that most Europeans understand and embrace.

Expat Traveler said...

sounds wonderful! I wish we could do something to our place like redo the kitchen... But um... that's not happening..

I still can't believe I might be in Basel for part of my trip.. I'm guessing you will be off enjoying vacation/skiing etc! :)

EuroTrippen said...

Very nice! I'd love to upgrade our flat, but we don't have to space for home improvements. It looks great though - very zen.

Gardner said...

very nice updates. Congrats on a job well done.