Life is A Highway

I'm gonna ride it all night long!

As alluded to in my last post, I approached this week a major milestone in my life (for a second time). On Thursday morning I went for my German driver's license test.

Germany gives you 6 months from the time you apply for your first resident's/work permit to get a German driver's license. What is required for the license varies by which state you come from - from nothing at all, just a straight license swap all the way to taking the written and driving test. I fell somewhere in the middle and only needed to take the written test.

After intense studying all last weekend, I am happy to say I passed it with zero errors! It was touch and go getting to that point. I could take the test in English but there were no study materials in English. I got a book of 60 practice tests and had to learn what I needed from there and my excellent driving tutor, none other than, M. I failed the first 20-25 of the practice test and up until Thursday morning was still failing one from time to time.

In the end it worked out and for a limited time only I am an expert on the rules and regulations of the German motorway. Ironically, not 12 hours after passing said exam, M. and I were tooling down the autobahn clearly over the maximum permissible weight of the car, all visibility obstructed and a kitchen countertop hanging out the back of the car unmarked and in clear violation of the minimum heigh requirements, but that is another story.

On Friday I went for my first test drive and by Saturday was wondering how I made if for 3 months without being able to drive at all! Now we just need to decide on a car!

Posted from Basel


Jul said...

Congrats on passing!

I'm so happy we just get to exchange our Swiss licenses for German ones, no tests required...

Anonymous said...

WTG Michelle! Just remember to pay all your tickets before heading to the US or you will have to pay them to get back home!

O. said...

congrats! that's a big one! :)

aimee said...

congrats on passing!

my vote is a bmw. the germans sure know how to make one hell of a car.

The Big Finn said...


I've really been enjoying our new Mercedes Citaro (bus) and Mercedes taxis for the past four months.

They practically drive themselves.