Sesame Street

If you want to re-live your childhood and adolescence, just move to another country. You will get a second chance to mark all the significant milestones of your life a second time. Learning to talk, your first haircut, learning what is socially acceptable, your first job, the list goes on. As I get ready to experience another yet another milestone in my life for the second time (a future post), I had a little fun tonight poking around in the archives of my first childhood...Sesame Street! Anyone else remember these?

And, oh yes, a couple from the Electric Company:

And really I can't leave out the Muppets - the whole week was made on whether we could stay up and watch the Muppets on Sunday night or not.

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Anonymous said...

What about "School House Rock"?

Here are some of my favorites:
-"Conjuction junction what's your function"
-A Noun is a Person, Place, or Thing
-I'm Just a Bill (American Rock)

Among many others. Some of us were out of diapers and too old for Sesame Street or The Electric Company. We got our fun through the world of School House Rock and Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.


Jul said...

Bork bork bork!

Claire said...

I miss Fragel Rock.

Michelle said...

Hi Anon - School house rock was cool too!

Jul - I can't remember how many times we would run around the house singing the Swedish chef song, among many others. :)

Claire - I have to confess I never watched Fraggle Rock. Not sure why, probably because we had a TV limit every day and had to really limit it down to 1 or 2 shows. Tough parents! ;-)

aimee said...

i'm dying to hear about this new milestone!

Princess Cat's Pajamas said...

I love the "eleven twelve" song and the Teeny Little Super Guy... and Rubber Ducky!