More Spring

M. was off in NY this weekend so I had a 'me' weekend. What did I do with it?

Went to the hair salon of course! The roots were looking quite bad so something needed to be done. Better now!

Other than that it was mostly just taking care of the usual business. I hadn't been home in two weeks since the great construction episode and was excited to see the apartment again now that the dust has settled. We had one of the remaining pieces of furniture show up while I was away - our USM cabinets for the living room. They look pretty chic!

Since the weather forecast looked nice for today I bought a bunch of pansies yesterday to put into the garden. Our little crocuses are peeking up now and the leaves of the daffodils and tulips are getting big. The afternoon was sunny and warm - perfect for some early spring gardening. The yard is tidied up and the pansies are in.

***Warning: My overenthusiastic gardening is sure to doom us to 6 more weeks of winter. I don't need a groundhog to tell me that.***

I even managed to get my taxes done today - well for Switzerland and the US. Still need to finish Germany.

I had dinner for one and now I am winding down with a movie and a glass of red wine. Why does the weekend always go by so fast?

Posted from Munich


aimee said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend! what movie did you watch? brett said this weekend that i only rent depressing movies...even though it was slightly depressing, i'd still recommend into the wild.

Anonymous said...

Aims, the most depressing this about "The Wild" is that there are certainly tons of American men who will grab a bag of rice and a slingshot and head north till they run out of gas anc call the misses to pick them back up!

M.S, sounds like you had a great time! Nice when a partner leaves for a time. When they come back it is like getting to drive a new car!