Staying Alive

Riding High Over Munich

It's been super busy for me lately so barely time for reading and posting but caught up a bit tonight.

Work has picked up considerably as even before an official announcement was made I am relied on in my new position. My current position is at a peak right now too until early November so no rest in sight!

The Oktoberfest bash was successful too. On Friday night the group of 16 descended on our little apartment. We had to cancel the BBQ due to the pouring rain and instead stocked up on antipasti, cheese, etc from the Viktualienmarkt. I made a zwetschgendatschi again and an apple pie. It was fun to see everyone in Munich. Some had left the project some time ago and it was so fun to catch up again.

Bright and early on Saturday we headed to the Oktoberfest (8:30 AM) ouch!! M. scored big and had 2 tables waiting for us right in front of the stage. By 9 AM we had the first beers with our weisswurst. The band started around noon and we jumped around and danced like crazy. One of my friends was convinced to get up and conduct the band and we all were cheering like crazy. All the girls managed to find dirndls to wear. It was so weird to see them in dirndls rather than suits.

My New Dirndl

Around 4:30, M. and I left. He was still battling a cold (an annual event for him during Oktoberfest) and the events of Friday and Saturday had us tuckered out. I made him go on a couple of rides before we went home. Spinning, plummeting rides. Nothing like that after a few Mass. Wheeee! I even got a cheesy lebkuchen - I love that kind of stuff.


I like seeing my life and social circle expand here. It is a lot less lonely for me here almost 2 years later. Probably even better than the Oktoberfest was hanging out with a couple of the late fliers on Sunday at the Chinese tower and sharing the beautiful weather, a final Mass while flitting from topic to topic.

I finally got my work permit and as of Monday I am now Munich based. Picking up the work permit was emotional as I was both happy and relieved but the significance hit me as well. The mean integration lady who told me about my 600 hours of integration training (not required exactly but still) only spoke German. I wonder how anyone can really start the process with help like that.

The last big news is we are looking to buy a car. The company took very good care of us this year and with my pay in Euros it is even better so we're ready to take the plunge. M. went to the dealership yesterday to scout around and we will head back on Saturday to look together. With startling German insight, M. informed me that getting a new car will certainly cost more than not having a car.

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vailian said...

How will you view this day in retrospect, when you retire and you are STILL in Germany?