I cooked dinner last night for M., L. and B. (the neighbors). We gorged ourselves on comfort food style cooking and then much to everyone's annoyance I settled in to watch Game 2 of the ALDS, a treat for me to see the Sox. Ironic that the chick in the group was annoying the others with glaze eyed sports watching but then again baseball in Germany is not such a hit.

We were chit chatting through the game and at some point there was a discussion about a safari battle recently viewed on You Tube. As is often the case when you creep into infrequently used vocabularly, there was a struggle to describe the video as no one was sure how to translate various animal names. At the end of the discussion I was envisioning a herd of antelopes, fighting with lions, hippopotamus, rhinoceros and a stray unicorn. Something else was there as well, the only clue I got was hand signs signaling something with large horns coming out the side of its head.

Here is the actual video. Note that there are lions, buffalo and 2 crocodiles. I was a bit disappointed as I was curious what the unicorn was going to do in this situation.

Posted from Munich


Anonymous said...

That was an awesome video - that's one for the water buffalo!!!!


Michelle said...

I hope the poor little guy made it. I can't imagine after all that he was doing too well.