O'Zapft Is!!

It's that time again...Oktoberfest! We had no plans to go for opening day yesterday but somehow found ourselves there at noon for the tapping of the first keg (just for an hour or two) and a long afternoon in the Kaefer biergarten stretched into a long evening in the Schuetzen-Festzelt tent (10 hours later). Honestly, the time just evaporates in that atmosphere. Needless to say, today has been a highly non-productive Sunday. Enjoy the pics - trust me, it is safer that way.

Posted from Basel


vailian said...

Fantastic pictures! I wanna be there too!
In all my years in Germany, I have never made it to Oktoberfest. Damn!
Looks like you had great weather too...

Michelle said...

Hi V,
Gorgeous day for wasting away with friends and beer. You still have two more weeks to make it this year!