Lunch today closed the deal and Basel it is for the next year. I can't deny I'm happy with the situation. This will be a great career opportunity and a reasonable situation for my personal life (in my line of business anyhow). We started to strategize the next steps and I will work part time in the new position until the official transition. There is a lot to come up to speed on as I will have a big team who carry a complicated workload and aggressive schedule. This won't be an easy job but I'm looking forward to a new challenge!

Posted from Basel


Berlinbound said...

Bon Chance!

dame_aimee said...

congratulations! sounds like a great role for making sm. b and i are considering a fly and drive to switzerland next summer - you'll have to give us some recommendations.

vailian said...

Terrific... how is your Baseler German coming? I never could understand a WORD of it.