Nobody knows where they might end up. Nobody knows. (Watching my Grey's Anatomy DVD's, again).

To satisfy my ever growing need for English tv and movies, because I can't keep buying all these DVD's, I've decided to give amazon.de's DVD rental service.

In the US, I had, and loved, Netflix. There was rarely anything I could think of that they didn't have and the concept and the follow through were great.

Last year we tried Amango.de but found that more than half the time the DVD's were damaged and we couldn't view the whole movie. Very annoying. Also, they were geared to the German audience and the selection for me was fairly small.

So, now I am trying Amazon.de. Selection is decent but still not as big as I would like. I have a two week trial and my first movie is 'Harry Potter und der Gefangene von Askaban'. It should be there when I get home on Friday. If all goes well I will give the membership a try.

Now if only they had Grey's Anatomy.

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EuroTrippen said...

I'll be interested in hearing how it goes. We had (and also loved Netflix), it was one of the things I missed most when we first moved here. I've thought often about doing the whole rental thing with amazon.de, but always end up buying instead...

Michelle said...

I'll keep you posted!

Anonymous said...

You may want to try iTunes. The American version of iTunes (www.itunes.com) has of the most recent popular series, including Grey's Anatomy. The catch is that you have to have a US credit card or get a gift card in the US and then you should be able to download everything you want onto your computer. I have also heard that iTunes now sells some sort of adapter that would allow you to watch what you download on a TV. Good luck!!

Michelle said...

Good point, anon - I have tried this as well so I can watch Lost. I still have my US credit card so not a problem. We bought a cable that goes from my laptop to the big screen and watch direct from the laptop - and the quality isn't too bad. Shows run about .99 an episode. The only drawback is that is sucks up a lot of space on your hard drive and takes some time to download. All in all I think it is pretty cool though.