Back to School

I'm over my whining about German class (for now). I cracked the books last night to start reviewing. Brought them along on the tram to study on the way to and from work today.

I always loved back to school time when I was a kid. Summer heat was breaking and the first frosts weren't far behind. Best of all, there were so many people to socialize with!

And remember new school supplies? The best part was the smell. The smell of new notebooks, pencils, erasers, glue (hee hee). The smell of new lunchboxes, new shoes, new markers, new books. In general, the smell of New. Perfect for a new year, new teachers, new friends and a chance to be better than last year.

My favorite lunch was either Uh Oh! Spaghettios with Beef Franks or Chef Boyardee Beefaroni (both of which give me a killer stomach ache if I try to eat them now). The thermos was stained a permanent neon orange from the sauces. Healthy living! At least there was a piece of fruit everyday. Haha and Little Hugs and little Debbies. Sheesh, Mom and Dad, was that really what you fed me? ;-)

Maybe I would be more motivated for German class if I went back-to-school shopping and if I brought a lukewarm thermos of spaghettios to class and a Tastykake or two. I could even start the day off with a first day of school picture. If only life were that simple again.

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