Yellow Tape

Tonight when I arrived in Munich, I couldn't suppress a giggle. When you come out of the secure area at the airport you pass through frosted glass doors and there is always a big crowd waiting - limousine services, friends and family.

They have a suggested area where the people should wait. It is indicated by a thin yellow border on the floor in the shape of a rectangle around the exit door. The idea is that people should stand outside of that line of tape. But the funny part is that everyone does it. They are crammed together, toes on the yellow tape but not past it. Can you imagine anywhere else where the people wouldn't be crammed up against the door without a physical barrier?

My dad especially thought it was funny when they arrived on their visit last fall to see all the people just standing outside the tape. Especially when his American daughter went running through the quiet zone to give her parents a hug!

Posted from Munich

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