I Have A Crush

This weekend we went to the Allgäu for the birthday party of one of M.'s cousins. They live about 2 hours from Munich, where all of M.'s family is from, more or less. It was an excellent party and the family was a hoot. My German was fairly useless though, as many were speaking the Swabish dialect. I couldn't keep up with the dialect or the party though and called it a night before the last of the hard core.

The next morning, since M. was somewhat indisposed, I offered to drive us back to Munich. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the Allgäu region, but it is absolutely beautiful. The hills roll and the greens are vibrant against a powder blue sky. In the distance you can see the gray and blue and white mountains. At night, the stars are brilliant. Truly a fairy tale landscape if there ever was one.

And what was oh so much fun was driving this!! Z4 3.0 si Coupe...if I don't ever have kids, this is going to be my baby. I love how people just moved out of the way when they saw or heard me coming. mwhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa!

I didn't take too many pictures unfortunately but the horse farm in the family has a bunch of little ponies running around. One was born the night before we came and trying to walk around on his wobbly little sticks. They keep inviting me to come ride; I need to get my stuff here and take them up on it.

And now the requisite garden shots. We had a busy garden day on Sunday. Planted some more herbs and are giving a few roses a try.

The bulb garden is just about in its final death throes. I will miss it - it really was pretty but time to start thinning out and replacing.

These tulips were so tall and the flowers so heavy that they were bending to the ground after awhile.

The lilies of the valley are just coming out now.

These were a mistake. Now they are called clown flowers by everyone in the building. They all laugh at them. I don't have the heart to pull them out though.

Have a good week! It's a short one and I'll be back in Munich on Wednesday!
Posted from Basel


Haddock said...

Your clown flowers look like Petunias :)

lobstah said...

Aww, cute horsies!
I like the clown flowers...don't let anybody pick on them :( They remind me of when we would have the "Garden Club" and plant petunias on Linden St, hee hee.