Gone again

Evening in Basel...

Another short-lived stay in Basel. On Wednesday it is off to the UK, two stops in England and one stop in Scotland to handle a somewhat stressful situation. Then it's home to Munich to host my parents for a week in Munich and Vienna for a much more enjoyable situation.

I think heaven right now sounds like spending a week or two in one place with M., no airports, no Powerpoints and no stress!!

After my parents leave I'll go back to Basel (I hope) and spend two weeks there straight, with a weekend visit from M. I like our Basel weekends and it should mean two weeks in the same bed. Ahh!

Posted From Basel

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Expat Traveler said...

michelle - those are such beautiful photos of basel!!! I miss nights there too! I do hope the job this week goes fast so that you enjoy a week with your parents.. so much fun! mine never visited me which I so regret!!!

Hope you have a sleep in the same bed too~!