Weekend Guests

This weekend two of my friends from work came to visit me. We had a girls weekend in Munich, including my inaugural trip to Oktoberfest. M. was here and helped play host but was sidelined by a cold most of the weekend.

My friends are from Philadelphia and England so the only language issues we had were with the Germans trying to keep up with us and with the table of Italians we were sitting with at Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest was a blast. We did Oktoberfest Light by reason that we didn't get there early enough to secure a seat in a tent but we spent the day just outside in the Loewenbraeu biergarten. I'm proud to say we put away 4 liters of Radlers and 1 liter of pure beer each and still had our wits about us all day. We met a lot of interesting people, including a man from Atlanta who was living in Germany for 20 years with his German wife, 15 or so Italian men in from Como, my friend's cousin and his wife who had just arrived from Philadelphia, and many more. The mood of the crowd was good and the sun was shining down on us. We lasted about 10 hours and then headed home for a lazy evening. Good times!

Today we spent the day walking around Munich, with M. who is feeling a bit better. Here are some snaps of the day.. absolutely lovely weather! I'm happy I had this weekend with my friends and M.

My parents come next weekend so if the weather doesn't look like this anymore, blame them!! ;-)

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Expat Traveler said...

oh how enjoyable!!! I never got to go to Oktoberfest Which is in september, but still want to go.. one day I hope!!!