Photojournalism: CookiePalooza

They are done!! The final list included 9 different kinds of cookies. I am on a sugar high after eating cookies and dough all day. I love Christmas cookie day but I'm glad I only do this once a year.
The day started at the grocery store to collect all the right ingredients. I knew it was going to be a good day when the first store I went to had EVERYTHING I needed, including the red and green candied cherries that have been know to cause a day lost hunting at store after store in the past.

Mmmm! Cookie Dough! And my trust Kitchen Aid Mixer. I love that thing and really hate to leave it behind. There is no dough that the Kitchen Aid can't conquer.

Seven layer bars. OOey Goooey and delicious!

An all-time favorite - peanut butter blossoms. Had to stuff a few of them in my mouth before the chocolate cooled.

Light as air Coconut Macaroons. These are Dad's favorites and he's already had a few.

Walnut Rugelach - These are a guest cookie. I have the regulars and then a few guest appearances each year. These have a great flavor but I don't think they are moving over to the permanent list.

Spritz are a regular on the list. These guys are just a solid cookie, fun to make and cute to look at at.

Another old faithful - Cream Cheese Wreaths.

Mamma Mia!! Pizzelles!

Ok, Kyle... Here they are... Ricotta Cookies. They came out very well and sis and I have already had a couple tonight.

And finally, another guest cookie... They are supposed to be Angel Wings but I didn't have the right cookie cutter. So now they are Almond Rounds, I guess.

Happy Holidays and Wish You Could Share Some of These with Us!!!

Posted from East Hampton, CT


kj said...

Okay I'm hungry - can I have about 20 of the Ricotta cookies?

Man you really like sprinkles!!!

But I need to know the verdict! Worth me heckling you for hours???
Are you making them again?
How do they taste?
Do you think I'm out of my mind?

I'll be making some today myself.... and some other inferior cookies as well.


allysonhubble said...

Oh my goodness michelle, my mouth is watering!! i wish i could have some of those peanut butter kiss cookies!! merry christmas and happy new year. much luck in the move to europe. i know it will be great!

Michelle said...


Hope you have a great holiday and are excited for your new adventure as well! I can't wait to hear how you like living there and how school is going. Hope 2006 is happy and successful!