The Wheels are Rolling

I had an informational session this morning on the logistics of my move to Switzeraland. I have a monthly budget for an apartment and living expenses that seems to be generous and should be enough to get me to Munich on the weekends. I will be able to take a German class one night a week. My company will handle the application for my work Visa although there will be quite a bit of paperwork on my end to take care of. I am going to be given a mentor to help with the German and the cultural differences. They already have built me a support network, including people who have done this and succeeded, and are checking in with me frequently to make sure I am doing ok. The project is English speaking so I have a safe haven there until I can start to pick up the language. With each step it hits me with new force that this is going to happen.

In the early AM hours it seems to hit the hardest, when I'm half dreaming and half awake, skating the line of consciousness. I've been having so many strange dreams. I wake up for awhile and worry about anything and everything. I relax when I review the plan and the support that I have and when I think about being with M. The next two months will be extraordinarily stressful though.

I read Cologne Bounds' entry today. The entry really encapsulates the range of emotions. On the one hand, there is a one foot in front of another mentality. Don't blow your mind with all the details and all the implications at once. Focus on the task at hand. Prioritize what needs to be done and worry about the rest as you need to. On the other hand, there are the panic attack moments. Can I survive? Will I thrive? Are we all gonna die? (ok, just kidding on the last one). But seriously, the mood swings are wild and I'm doing everything I can to minimize them. So far, so good. The conviction is still there and that's what I keep drilling down to in the tense moments.

So onto the next steps. Prepping myself for the trip over. Wrapping up my committments here. Spending time with friends and family. Gorging on turkey!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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