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While the pregnancy has been seriously restricting my diet, I find myself lusting after beautiful cakes, cupcakes, pies and bars on a number of food blogs I have found haphazardly through Pinterest photos. I love food blogs and was tipped off a couple of years ago to a couple that are famous (Orangette and the Pioneer Woman) for their writing, recipes and gorgeous photos. Over time I have found more and more blogs that I like to read not only as a source of recipe inspiration but also creative food photography.

Food photography is a passion of mine and if I were independently wealthy I would make it my career. Now that I have stopped traveling in the last year or so, my hard drive is mainly full of food, glorious food. For the most part I cook and 'style' my own food now and much more than eating the results I get excited about capturing the perfect shot. Friends and family are kind enough to send me various links and groups that give tips for improving and growing my food photography repertoire.

I am not an artistic person but I still need an artistic outlet and for me food and photography are the perfect combination to use as that outlet. I have a web site that I have been hoarding for quite awhile and debating how to use and have been kicking around the idea to build up around this hobby. I have no clue how to actually make that happen so if anyone has any tips on what applications are relatively simple to use for non-technical people to build their own websites, I would welcome any suggestions or experiences you may have in this area.

Happy Friday and here's to hoping the heat in Munich breaks as is predicted.

Posted from Munich


CanadianSwiss said...

"I am not an artistic person but I still need an artistic outlet..." Well you sure had ME fooled there! LOL!

Expat Traveler said...

I couldn't agree more with CS. You are doing an awesome job at the food photography. I guess you'll maybe get a bit of time to keep doing that while baby is asleep!

Michelle said...

Thanks CS - by the way - are you writing anymore?

Hey ET - hoping I have the energy once Pea joins us but keeping an open mind and making no big commitments until I see how things go!

Expats Again said...

Beautiful photos, not easy to do. By the way, I left you an award at my blog. No pressure-

Megan said...

Have you checked out DeliciousDays? She lives in Haidhausen and her photography is lovely. Her cookbook is worth checking out as well.