Baby Shower Cupcakes

Last night the Saffa and I did a little baking. He made his South African version of lemon meringue pie and got to experience firsthand the fun of trying to back one of his usual recipes in Germany. It looks delicious to me but didn't come out as he expected (been there, done that!). I made some cupcakes and we decorated together. Needless to say, both are not allowed on the diet but today we will have an exception for the shower. It's a gorgeous day in Munich; the crisp air feels like a first taste of autumn and I love that time of year. The only drawback is that the wasps are out in full force and we had a small invasion in the apartment this morning of about 10 wasps. Terrible!

Posted from Munich


Aimee said...

horrific heat and crazed wasps...how much should a 9 month pregnant woman be forced to endure?! can't wait to see the little one!

Expat Traveler said...

Beautiful!!! I hate wasps and we have them here in full force too. I don't exactly welcome that crisp autumn air yet but perhaps it's knowing that going back to work is just around the corner...

Oh well jet setting will do the trick, yay for warmer weather..

Hope the party was a success!

Thiruppathy Raja said...

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