The Bump

I can't help it. Every time I catch my reflection in the mirror, I giggle. I look like some pregnant lady. I'm now at six months and there's no hiding the bump anymore. And with that visual sign that Pea is getting bigger and bigger, the reality of what is coming is occupying my thoughts and my activities more and more.

The Saffa and I are signed up for our hospital Infoabend (Information Evening) to see if it's where I want to have the baby. At that point we should also get signed up for birth classes. To be quite honest, I think I prefer to just keep my ignorance. Yes, I know I would probably regret it later but I like living in denial of having to go through the actual birth process.

I got my certificate from the doctor to start maternity leave on August 4 and shocking to think that it's only 2 months away. I plan to work until the end of August anyhow but have agreed to do home office starting August 4th. Having just started my new job, I frequently feel a bit of guilt for leaving again so soon. While I haven't at all lost motivation and am putting a lot into it, we haven't found any adequate way to backfill when I am out. I try not to let it bother me too much as I am also very much looking forward to having the experience of motherhood and it takes priority over work for me but I am also starting to appreciate the difficult balancing act most working mothers must face.

Since my last post we had our 20 week scan, a very detailed ultrasound scan where a doctor (yes, not a technician) performs an examination of all that can be checked using ultrasound (organs, size of baby, etc). All looked good and I was relieved to hear that. I couldn't wait to find out if Pea is a boy or a girl although the Saffa wanted it to be a surprise. He indulged me anyway and we now know but some readers of this blog want it to be a surprise so will not post it here.

The nursery project started last weekend. I had brainstormed some ideas and we decided on colors and a theme. I am such a home decor disaster but this is kind of fun. We rented a car last weekend and headed to hardware store, bought paint and supplies and painted the room. I am surprised how well it came out! Now I am debating whether or not to add a little more 'art' to the walls at the risk of messing it all up. I have also ordered the furniture and it should arrive in August. The Saffa has bought the first set of baby clothes - I found them laid out all over my bed one evening and nearly started crying. He is in South Africa this weekend and his family have added to the collection. So I would say we are on our way.

The last thing I have really noticed is that I am becoming such a softie. Thank you, hormones. It takes next to nothing to choke me up with tears of happiness. Barf! Even worse, if I watch a sad movie or hear a hard luck story, I am bawling at the drop of a hat. I watched the Other Woman with Natalie Portman on Friday night and spent half of it just crying. The worst choice for a pregnant woman to watch a movie about a couple and their baby who dies three days after being born. Hopefully this is just a temporary state. This Shrew does not want to be tamed.

It's been a productive weekend and now I am heading off to loaf around the beer garden with some friends on a semi-nice afternoon before the week starts again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

One of the things I discovered when I had kids was how little I really had control over anything in life. What helped me was learning to live life on life's terms. In time you will understand. Congrats again!

Expat Traveler said...

Yay for the update. I think you are just slightly ahead of my friend who is due in September. The ultrasound is so exciting, at least that is what I thought. And a doctor doing it, way cool! I didn't want to go to those classes but it was educational. I think the best advice I can give you with that is you need to know which pain relief you want, need to talk to your partner about what your choices are if something goes different than planned, and if your partner is going to be involved in the birthing process...
I'd love to know the sex if you want to email me, but then again we waited until she came out. Quite possibly a bump pic would be fun first to guess! And the question, do you have morning sickness? From the sounds of things you don't so I'm steering towards boy already...