Baseball in Germany

I have known for some time through J that is it possible to see baseball games in Germany but I finally made it out a few weeks ago to watch one. I headed out of the city on the S-bahn to Haar to see the Munich-Haar Disciples play the Mannheim Tornados in the second game of a double-header. The weather was a bit chilly and overcast but it was fun nevertheless. Ice cold drinks (including beer) and burgers from the grill were available. The home team served as the grounds crew and the crowd watching was small, giving it a after-work softball league game atmosphere. The entrance fee was 3 Euros. The announcers used a mix of German and English to call the game and I heard quite a bit of American English coming from the dugouts so it seems this league has more than a few expats playing. All in all I would recommend a visit if you are missing American baseball and want to see some boys of summer while far from home!


Posted from Munich


Expat Traveler said...

Interesting.. Love your photo!

cliff1976 said...

Come up to Regensburg for a fall weekend if you like when they're doing the European championship tournament something or other — seems like it's always here, and I think I recall reading somewhere that our stadium is the biggest baseball stadium in Europe.

Which is really quite funny. I've seen a few games over the last couple years there and it's cute, when you compare it to MLB venue. It's a nice way to kill a sunny afternoon.

Michelle said...