Just some random tidbits this time:

  • I was home for a long weekend in CT and brought the Saffa along to meet the parents. Some more on that in an upcoming post!
  • I am down to my last days on my work contract and will be starting the new job on Friday, April 1st. I have to wonder if that is some kind of omen? April Fool's Day! I will kick off the organization I will be responsible for building with the first of my team members on Thursday and feel energized to take on the new challenge but know it will be a challenging transition.
  • The Saffa and I kicked off the 2011 BBQ season on Wednesday night. The weather has been gorgeous in Munich all week and we couldn't resist. Steaks, sausages, onions, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini - all tossed on the grill - and a Bavarian potato salad. Unfortunately looks like rain ahead this weekend and chillier temperatures.
  • The situation in Japan has been on my mind a lot. I love the ocean but there is something that I find especially horrific about mass death by tsunami or hurricane. In part, I think because I used to have a recurring dream about happy, peaceful times at the ocean being suddenly transformed into something much more sinister - waterspouts, tidal waves or swimming and being sucked out to sea in an overpowering current. As for similar catastrophes in the past, I felt compelled to make a donation and selected GlobalGiving to donate through. For those of you on Toytown, there is a member who is running a fundraiser for Japan by selling homemade card sets. Her offer can also be found on Facebook. Any little bit helps...
  • For those of you in Munich, I wanted to recommend a little neighborhood haunt of mine, a restaurant called Osteria da Antonio. It's a cozy but often rowdy Italian restaurant serving fresh-made pasta specials and delicious thin, crispy crust pizzas. One of my favorites is the 'Contadina' - topped with eggplant, ricotta, tomatoes, and olives. And I am completely addicted to their 'Pizzabrot' - a think crust pizza with a light tomato sauce, garlic and olive oil topping. Try it!
  • Wish you all a Happy Weekend!
Posted from Munich


lobstah said...

Wow, that is too strange...I have had a recurring dream about tidal waves all my life. I think it is my 'stress dream'...the feeling of being overwhelmed. Never knew you had a similar one!
Hope to talk to you this weekend. I will be in and out but I should be home Saturday mid-afternoon or Sunday midday. Luv ya!

Expat Traveler said...

We had eggplant the other day. Yours sounds wonderful. Will have to indoor grill that stuff here. :) Can't wait to have some sausages as it's been way too long.

J said...

Happy weekend to you too.

Aha, the new guy is a South African.