Mushroom Risotto

While I am normally a big fan of winter, I have to admit I loved the weather today. The temperature felt almost balmy, the sun was out and so was the entire population of Munich. Everyone here takes advantage of even a hint of warmth and moves outside at the cafes, restaurants and out onto their balconies or about in the parks. I didn't want to feel left out so I decided to go out for a late breakfast and bask in the sun for awhile before setting off on my errands.

I was battling a cold and stomach flu all of last week, which wasn't really a great mood enhancer but all that seemed like a distant memory today. I even got some spring cleaning started and got some long overdue chores done around the house.

Now for a quiet evening. I bought the Harry Potter movies (1-6) on the cheap in London and am on a Harry Potter marathon. Oh, and the photo was of dinner before I devoured it. Mushroom risotto (I always hear Chef Ramsey's pronunciation - ri-ZAW-toe) from the AllRecipes website.

Posted from Munich


Expat Traveler said...

Cleaning and good food! Can I come over please! The risotto looks so yummy!

Aimee said...

Looks divine! Risotto is one of my favorites.

Berlinbound said...

Doing the HP marathon here as well - although the reading version - HH and I are now on book 6.

Rikudou4rt said...

thanks you sob