Cats and Apples

Mr. Kilt in Praha for the Scotland-Czech Republic game and for the first time in weeks I am home, alone with no pressing plans. What to do with all that time?

I finally made a monumental decision and ordered my very own laptop. A shiny (is it true you can spell shin(e)y with or without an e? Too much German class, English skills plummeting) new Apple Macbook is headed my way. I got a nice discount on it through an employee benefit program and can't wait to try it out.

The last time I owned my own computer was in 1998, an Apple desktop I bought my senior year in college in anticipation of graduate school and used for the first few years before technology passed it by. Through the years I got by with university and the job-provided computers but started looking for my own earlier this year when I decided I wanted to start separating out all my work and personal stuff, you know, in case I want or need to make any hasty exits. That was not meant to be foreshadowing or in any way ominous. I just have my thoughts from time to time.

And now for some gratuitous cute cat photos, cause they make me smile.

Posted from Munich

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