Jamie Oliver

When I was back in the US, I made the requisite trip to the bookstore to stock up on whatever looked interesting to read. Browsing through the cooking section, I came upon the heaps of Jamie Oliver cookbooks and decided to add one to my stash of book loot. I never really watched his show or got into the craze over the last years but after a scan through a couple of his books I could see this was my kind of cooking. Nothing overly complicated, emphasis on freshness and flavors extracted from all over the world.

Since I've been back I made two of the dinners and both turned out wonderfully. I'm definitely a fan now.

Yesterday I made a trip to the Viktualienmarkt, the granddaddy of all farmer's markets in Munich, and stocked up on goodies for the rest of the weekend. Fresh fruits and veggies, truffle ham and Scottish highland cheddar, my favorite German birdseed dark bread, appetizers ranging from stuffed cherry peppers to spanish olives to dolmas and headed home in the chilly autumn air to get cooking. It's just hard not to be in a good mood on a gorgeous day like yesterday surrounded by all this yummy goodness.

We started with the delicious Mediterranean appetizers and a very dry Spanish wine. I opted to make Moroccan Lamb with Chickpea Sauce and Couscous from Jamie Oliver's for dinner. Unbelievably good! And for dessert, an Apple Streusel Cake from one of my favorite baking websites (discovered during the ill-fated early cupcake chronicles) the Joy of Baking.

Yes, hearty cooking (and eating!) season is upon us. Oh, my waistline!

Posted from Munich


Harvey Morrell said...

Which cookbook of his did you end up getting? I have 3: His Italy one, his instructional one and the Dinners one. All decent.

Michelle said...

This one is called Jamie's Food Revolution. Trying a third recipe tonight - for lasagne. Already coming along very well!

Expats Again said...

Your photos are lovely and now I'm hungry, lol. I am a fan of J.O. but I don't own a cookbook of his. Headed back to the states this month and now I will have to pick up one. You were right to go to the market yesterday, it was beautiful!

Aimee said...

Will have to buy that one! Love chickpeas.