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It is always a little bit shocking that after four years in Germany I have still not been to Berlin or Hamburg. They are both an easy weekend's trip away but for one reason or another, despite several loosely laid plans to go, the trips never materialized. Therefore when a last minute offer came up to go to Hamburg this weekend, I jumped on the chance. It was only 15,000 air miles for the RT flight, hotel booked on points and 31 Euros for a Hamburg card for three days for 2. Cheap!

I was in for a surprise with the city as well. M. used to work there for about a year and had never liked the city at all so I had a negative perception of what it would be like under his influence. In fact, I thought it was a great city for a weekend getaway. I can't speak to liveability as that is always different than spending a weekend for a visit but I would go back anytime for a visit.

Guide books in tow we visited some of the main tourist attractions - harbor tour, walk through the city, gawking at the Reeperbahn, church tower climbing, a spice museum visit, shopping and dining and even the infamous Fischmarkt for a 7 AM breakfast with the crowds arriving alternately from the bars after a long night out and their beds after a good night's sleep.

Friday night we met up with a very fun and easy going bunch of expats who adopted us for an evening of tapas and great chat. Hopefully some of them find themselves in Munich for a visit sometime soon. It would have been nice to meet up with the Hamburger bloggers but I was beyond organizing anything as it was so last minute. However, I would fully support a WEBMU up that way anytime to come visit again!

I had forgotten how much fun an evening in an Irish pub could be and really enjoyed Murphy's Irish pub for some pints of Guinness and a sing along with the live music. In fact during the weekend we checked out four Irish pubs - there seems to be no shortage of them in Hamburg.

Ironically, we also had a good dose of Bavaria in Hamburg. We could not resist the pull of the oompah music issuing out onto the street in the Reeperbahn and headed into a large bar where the atmosphere could only be described as Oktoberfest-like. I don't recall the name of that one but heard many of the Oktoberfest favorites.

The harbour tour was fascinating to me. The flow of boats and goods through the Hamburg Harbour is really a rather impressive logistics operation. Unfortunately we got a bit soaked on the tour and the photos are not the best. It decided to start raining just after we left the dock and came to a stop only once we returned. Typical. Hamburg hair is a bit of a nightmare.

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cliff1976 said...

Is that last picture from the top of "the Michel?"

If so, were you there at the time of day when the trumpets play in four directons from its tower?

Michelle said...

Yes it was! But no, we didn't hear that! Next time need to be more organized and post BEFORE going on the trip - people have been sending some good tips and things to see that we missed :-/

Expat Traveler said...

Wow - it looks like it was a great trip. Sometimes last minute is the best way to soak up the city. And your photos prove that very well. I can't get over where you are again!~

Mandi said...

Glad you had a great trip to Hamburg -- gorgeous pics! I have been on the harbor tour at least four or five times, it's the one must-see thing that I make sure all my visitors do! Maybe that's my bias from growing up in another harbor city. ;)

But I have never once been to the Fischmarkt while it was in action -- can't ever seem to stay up late enough or wake up early enough. :)

Jen said...

I've been curious about Hamburg, too. I'll definitely have to check it out. And your photos are gorgeous!