Sunday Brunch

I am not a creature of habit, preferring the spontaneous, unplanned and even absurdly random to the predictable rhythms of day to day life, but there is one tradition I hold sacred and that is the Sunday brunch. There are several versions of an enjoyable Sunday brunch for me, including brunch and wine with the girls at a nice restaurant and the picnic version at a beer garden on a sunny day, but I think my favorite is the still in pajamas, snuggled on the couch, cold weather version.

The weather has definitely taken a turn for the fall-like in the last two weeks. My wide, tree-lined street is covered in leaves and the trees are turning yellow, brown and red. It's not as spectacular as a New England autumn, but it will do.

This morning when I finally decided to roll out of bed I started up a breakfast for the Sunday brunch works. Soft boiled eggs, ham and leberwurst, sesame carrot bread from Hopfisterei, Swiss emmenthaler cheese, and a pot of Assam tea. My friend A. remarked to me one times that one of the things she found endearing about European life is how they have something for everything when it comes to cooking and eating. I have to agree on that. It's not in the loud American way (think any kitchen gadget infomercial in the US shouted out with Monster Truck announcer enthusiasm) but more matter of fact. Utensils for any situation, tea pots with tea light candles to keep it hot, bread boxes and different glasses for espresso, cappuccinos and latte macchiatos, for example. A. and I also wondered how the kitchens and houses can be so small and still fit all these specialized items but that is a mystery for another day I suppose.

One of my favorite gadgets I bought recently is the PiepEi. The PiepEi is a plastic egg that you throw in with your real eggs when boiling them. The egg sings a little song when they are ready and it is sold in three versions, one for hard boiled, one for medium soft and one for soft doneness.

Nevermind that it is just me. I spend a good one to two hours between preparing, eating, and cleaning up Sunday brunch. Music is carefully selected and must be either music that reminds me of the beach and vacation, country music or classical. Reading material is either a newspaper, magazine or google reader to catch up on all my blogs. It's simple but it's the good life. Oh, and the burnt edges on the toast? Just as I like it.

Posted from Munich


vailian said...

That gadget sounds like a good idea!

Expat Traveler said...

Love the gadget.. Really I need those weekends to slow down and enjoy music too.. I've lost that lately and need to bring it back!

aimee said...

i assure you a. would still love to experience that european life for herself. :-) LOVE the adorable egg cups and need to find the singing eggs! you should make the banana crumb muffins from allrecipes.com one sunday. delicious.

Randy, BCE said...

Finally, something worth reading on your blog! Brunch is a weekend favorite of mine, too, except I can't wait long, so I usually brunch by 6:00 AM!! That's the earliest the staff will arise on a Sunday to fix brunch. I like gadgets, too, especially can openers - always a key to a good meal! Weather is beautiful here today, so I was able to lay in the sunshine most of the day. The gardner has the yard in great shape. Hmm - is that the can opener I hear? Bye!

cliff1976 said...

tea pots with tea light candles to keep it hot

I was 31 years old before I knew that's why they're called tea lights. Has anyone ever seen a pot/holder setup to accomodate a tea light in the U.S.? I sure haven't.