After a couple of days of good meetings in Köln, I have decided. I will take the project here. My lazy December has suddenly become quite busy but I won't complain about that. Right now it is good to have a plan and a job. Once again, I will need to split time at the project headquarters in Köln and time in the US. So while the work problem is solved, I can focus on setting up a home of some sort.

Whether or not I keep Munich as my home office in the near future, I am more drawn to two other options. One is to stay put at my friend's apartment until the lease runs out in March, then decide whether or not to relocate to Zurich and pick it up. The other is to move to an apartment in Köln for the duration of the project. First option is more appealing from a long term, settling in perspective but a logistical nightmare. The second is more pragmatic and will keep the logistics as simple as they ever get for me. I have a couple weeks to decide.

Yesterday was the big 35th birthday. Given all the commotion of flying to Köln and interviewing for a new project I didn't make too big of a deal out of it. I had my skiing weekend and more than happy with that! My two new bosses took me out for dinner and some champagne though, which was nice. As it turned out, one of them has his birthday today so we managed to celebrate both. It was really cool walking by the Köln cathedral for the first time on our way to dinner. Absolutely magnificent is all I can say. I will make a point to visit the inside soon.

On a side note, I have decided to make a study of the mug situation at various companies throughout the world. At my new client, no one cares what mug you take but they have lots of them of all sizes, shapes and colors. I find that I prefer the shallow, wide ones, with a relatively thin wall. The curious thing is that no one cleans them. They just pile up by the sink throughout the day in a big, dirty mug traffic jam. Then the cleaning person comes and takes care of them at the end of the day. I think the mugs in Switzerland are luckier as they are clearly more loved and cherished.

Posted from Köln


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the mug situation will be better.

I'm glad that you've found something that will work. Nice to have some level of knowledge of the future.

Congrats :-)

Expat Traveler said...

Congrats for the job! I think you should go with the living situation in Koln because if you are working late, a commute back is not so desirable!

And those mugs... lol... Where I am right now, most everyone does not care what mug they take. We all just make sure that they get loaded into the dish washer.

J said...

Glad you got a suitable project. Welcome to the neighborhood!

aimee said...

congrats on the new gig! love the mug study. we all use disposable paper cups here which avoids any cleaning/taking mugh situation but probably says a bit about our attitude toward the environment.

happy, happy birthday day after!

Diane Mandy said...

Congrat on the job!