After A Really Hard Week...

I know it is only Tuesday but for the last 2 days we (me and my company) have been playing geographical roulette with my life and it is really starting to unnerve me. While I am happy that there are options, every day I have to readjust my expectations on how the next months will look and where I will be. Each day I come to like Zurich more and more and there is also the possibility of relocating to Zurich from Munich as a permanent home base.

Then today an email from our expat management team...
Maybe this will help some others with a similar concern.

Email 1
Hi Michelle,

I apologize for not coming back to you sooner but at the moment there are discussions about changing some of the laws and regulations for foreigners which would impact your situation.
One of the major changes that shall be in force shortly is the annual salary for high qualified personnel. It used to be X,- Euro per year but they want to reduce it to Y,- Euro or even less starting January 2009.

Since you earn more than Y,- Euro per year you would qualify as such an employee. This would mean that you could receive a "Niederlassungserlaubnis" which is an unlimited and unrestricted work and residence permit.

A couple of days ago I checked with the local authority in Munich about this issue to make sure that the new rule will be in force in January but the clerk asked me to contact his superior since no official instructions were given so far (this is not unusual) I was not able to reach the superior till now but I will keep on trying and let you know.

I suggest that you wait until January and apply for the Niederlassungserlaubnis which should be available for you then.
Meanwhile I will try to reach the authority to find out if there will be any delays regarding this new rule.

Should I be informed that an application for the Niederlassungserlaubnis will not be possible in the near future I will let you know and start the usual process for the nationwide work permit.

Please let me know in case there are any questions.

Email 2
In reponse then to my query if this would allow me to stay in Germany should I lose my job at any point
Hi Michelle,

It would mean that you could work in Germany for any employer the permit is not tied to Company X.
I think it is worth waiting a couple of weeks. :-)

I will keep you informed.

Have a nice evening.

Posted from Zürich


Anonymous said...

"Life lives you, you don't live life"

Surrender to it and you will find a really hard week becomes a really easy week.

André said...

Just checking: I suspect you did not mean to reveal your employer (see email 2)?

Expat Traveler said...

Michelle, that is such great news!!! I'd say stay but I'm just partial to the area...

Michelle said...

Anon- every time you post that quote it sounds like your philosophy is to just sit around and just let stuff happen. I like a more middle of the road approach - there is a lot you can't control and its more peaceful to accept that but at the same time I like the illusion that I am in charge of other things.

Andre - thanks for pointing that out - I think that's the second time you caught me :)

ET - yes, I am very happy that this may be an option. For those of us expats who like living here, it is always stressful to be so tied to the job!

aimee said...

i had never thought about the stress associated with being "tied" to your company due to work visas. that's great news for you (except that it sounds like you may prefer zurich?)...

Anonymous said...

Surrender is not to sit and let stuff happen. Surrender frees you to see past the barriers and experience true control over oneself and you will be free.