Sunset at 4:45 in Zürich

It may not be officially winter yet, but Mother Nature says otherwise. The snow from last weekend is sticking around and the temperatures are hovering around zero. Smoke is rising out of the chimneys all around the city as fireplaces and wood stoves get into gear. I have been running up and down the hills of Zurich every weekend trying to get back in shape and it feels good in this cold weather.

I made a one day trip up to Munich yesterday to grab my skis and ski clothes and some warmer clothes than what was necessary when I arrived in Zurich in summery September. Next weekend I will be skiing in Davos with a girlfriend; we decided to celebrate our birthdays together as neither one of us had any special plans.

This is my last week on my project in Zurich. In the end almost the whole project will shut down so many will be leaving. I still have no idea what's next but can at least stay at the apartment in Zurich until end of February if needed. I am still lusting after an apartment of my own but decided to be cautious a bit longer in the event I end up somewhere quite far away from Europe.

Hope all who celebrated had a great Thanksgiving! I for one was at the office until almost 9 and then went to dinner with a colleague (duck with Thai Basil and chili) - a decidedly un-Thanksgiving like day for me.

Enjoy the sunset...I did!

Posted from Zürich


Expat Traveler said...

I love the stunning colors like this! So beautiful... I haven't seen the night like this yet as we have had rain lately..or fog or something funny...

Anonymous said...

See I told you you'd come up with birthday plans! Sound's like a blast.

Birdwatching was anti-climatic today - but what can you do? It was fun none the less.


Michelle said...

Hi ET - Thanks, it was a perfect sunset. The new moon made the scene.

Hey K - Glad you enjoyed the trip, even if it was anti-climatic.

aimee said...

lovely picture. enjoy your time in davos!

Expat Traveler said...

p.s. - can't wait for the Davos pics.. I wasn't there since Dec 2002.. Oh I miss that place!