Paris Model

Saturday Photo Shoot near the Louvre, May 2008

On Saturday we did a power walking tour of Paris. Rain was forecasted but the weather held up and we were able to see quite a bit of the major sites - Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysee, Notre Dame, and so on. But what visit to Paris would be complete without seeing some real, live models? Cute coat, no?

Posted from Singapore


Diane Mandy said...

Cute! But wasn't it a bit warm for it?

Michelle said...

Hi Diane-
Yes it was warm!! But I guess that's life if you are a slave to fashion :)

aimee said...

tough job.

aimee said...

out of curiosity...any idea what she was "modeling"?

O. said...

I love that coat :) I don't know about the hair-do though ;)