Notre Dame

It is required to visit at least one church on every stop in a major European city. In Paris we went to Notre Dame. Like most cathedrals in Europe, you can't help but feeling a bit in awe at the sheer size and effort that went into these massive buildings. Still none have come close to my favorite, Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona. Santa Maria managed to be both enormous but cozy. Were I ever to have a church wedding (which now that I have been ex-communicated is no longer an option) I would pick that cathedral.

One other really cool feature of Notre Dame were some wicked little gargoyles. I love that these were considered a necessary part of these old cathedrals.

Posted from Singapore


Global Librarian said...

I have to know. What does one have to do in order to get excommunicated?

Anonymous said...

Did you try to get yourself ordained a priest? Try to ordain someone?

I can think of something else, but I doubt you would be blogging that.

Ooooooh (light bulbs going on) you probably mean the defection to get out of paying Kirchensteuer. Do they actually impose canonical penalties for that? I thought they just wrote all over your baptismal certificate?

Diane Mandy said...

I like the interior shots, in particular. Those aren't always easy to photograph!

Michelle said...


Actually I don't think I'm excommunicated. I am not even sure what the church knows about m my resignation but yes, this is when I decided not to pay the church tax anymore. They didn't have my certificate so didn't deface that. German church tax is quite a way to draw the line on whether you are in or out.

vailian said...

I decided to keep paying the church taxes because they do a lot towards keeping musicians like me employed.
But if you ever do decide to get married in Barcelona, I happen to know the organist in Santa Maria del Mar.(A really wonderful place.. somewhere I have some photos of a wedding there).
Notre Dame has to be the most perfect example of Gothic church architecture (of course it has a rather stunning location too...)

aimee said...

oohhhh, beautiful! i love paris. {sigh}

Gardner said...

That last picture is very nice (of the stained glass window). I've seen that glass before, but yours was brilliant.